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Dari Farms is the premier full service Direct Store Delivery house for Southern New England, serving over 5,000 points of distribution between CT, MA, RI and Southern NH. While our roots are based in Ice Cream, we've evolved as a company to carry a broad line of convenience, grocery and foodservice products ranging from ice cream to beverages to salty snacks. In fact, our "tri-temp" logistics system allows for our sales rep and driver teams to order and merchandise frozen, refrigerated and room temperature products off the same truck on the same delivery.

Let us show you how to increase your sales with our proven full service DSD system. Ask to have one of our Sales Managers stop by to discuss our products and services today! Call 1-800-243-7161 and ask for customer service for more information.


News and Events

  • Spring has sprung
    and like the season changes
    and the new flowers bloom-
    so do the products Dari Farms has for you!

    Before you know it- you’ll find yourself back
    on the tennis court or somewhere along the fairway-
    working up a thirst! Nothing can quench it like an eco-friendly
    package of Boxed Water.
    With the weather warming up- the youngsters will be more active and asking “what can I have to drink?”
    Good 2 Grow is a healthy & wholesome drink- with both water & fruit juices- they have fun toppers like
    Chase from Paw Patrol, Moana, R2D2, and many more! The older kids want something with a little flavor too,
    so have plenty of Sparkling Ice available- with over 20 varieties- there’s a flavor for everyone!

  • Everyone wants to be outside as much as possible so make sure there are some easy dinner
    options available- maybe a local favorite like Papa Gino’s (right from your oven!)
    or better yet-throw a Half Baked or Cape Cod pizza on the grill!
    With end of the school year parties, graduations, and even Memorial Day around the corner-
    make sure you have plenty of sweet treats like Bart’s Ice Cream, Tollhouse cookie sandwiches, and
    Nestle PushUps! Not a bad idea to have some O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer on hand too- because
    everyone likes to party!

    Dari Farms also offers a complete line of refrigerated products such as Powerful yogurt,
    Ready pack salads, Cedar’s Hummus, & Chameleon Cold Brew coffees-just to name a few.
    Great options for those active spring days!

  • Not only can we provide you with the benefit of DSD services, we also provide
    Merchandiser services. Our Sales Representatives and Driver teams work
    together to order, rotate and pack out your Dari Farms Orders.
    Ask to have one of our Sales representatives stop in
    and talk with you about our complete line of
    line of products and services. Let us show
    you how to increase your sales!