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DSD - Direct Store Delivery - The True Definition

Our full service DSD system is a proven method for increasing sales and speed to market, while decreasing out of stocks, stales, and labor costs. Let’s take a look at how it works below...

Increased sales

A (DFSR) Dari Farms Sales Rep will visit your location and write an order custom to your store’s needs.

Our (DFRD) Dari Farms Route Drivers pack out and stock the products we bring into your store.

Both the Sales Reps and Route Drivers check for codes, rotate product, and issue credit for stales.

Through real time sales analysis, Dari Farms will routinely suggest Plan-O-Gram adjustments to optimize product mix & profitability.

Store personnel no longer have to worry about ordering for those voids, stocking the shelf, or handling credits. Dari Farms manages the ordering process from start to finish, with our full service DSD system.

Better Speed to Market

DSD allows for better “Speed to Market” over traditional “Drop Ship” warehouses.

Real benchmarks and timelines are built into getting new products to your shelf as soon as they hit our distribution center.

Plan-O-Gram space is reviewed at both buyer and store level, to ensure placement.

At Dari Farms, we specifically partner with brands whose products lend themselves to DSD. Temperature sensitive, short code life, and impulse purchase patterns are all characteristic of such products. When you think DSD, think ice cream, frozen food, chilled beverages, and impulse snacks.

Decreased Stales, Out of Stocks, & Labor Costs

Dari Farms manages the inventory from start to finish. Your store personnel no longer need to sift through, identify, and set aside out of code product.

Unlike traditional “Drop Ship” warehouses, our DSD program allows for immediate pack out upon delivery, which means less time between out of stocks. Your labor costs are more efficiently utilized by reducing the need for in house ordering, merchandising, and processing of credits.

Have one of our Sales Managers visit your location and share with you our proven full service DSD program. Call 1-800-243-7161 and ask for customer service.