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Dari Farms is the premier full service Direct Store Delivery house for Southern New England, serving over 5,000 points of distribution between CT, MA, RI and Southern NH. While our roots are based in Ice Cream, we've evolved as a company to carry a broad line of convenience, grocery and foodservice products ranging from ice cream to beverages to salty snacks. In fact, our "tri-temp" logistics system allows for our sales rep and driver teams to order and merchandise frozen, refrigerated and room temperature products off the same truck on the same delivery.

Let us show you how to increase your sales with our proven full service DSD system. Ask to have one of our Sales Managers stop by to discuss our products and services today! Call 1-800-243-7161 and ask for customer service for more information.


News and Events

  • The Fall season
    ushers in changes- a new
    school year, the color of the leaves,
    the weather gets cooler… these changes
    affect what customers want on their shelves and
    Dari Farms has it all.

  • It’s football season!!!! Whether watching or playing in the big
    game- help your customers tackle their hunger with some of the best
    frozen pizzas out there like Cape Cod, Digiorno, Half Baked, or Screamin Sicilian.
    Nothing like a sweet treat afterwards- support your local team while supporting
    local brands such as Maple Valley Ice Cream or Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt. WINNING!

    Before you know it- October will be here and Halloween will be upon us. Make sure you
    have plenty of treats for your Customer’s ghouls & goblins. Sweet filled pints like
    Batch’s Salted Caramel or Little G’s Peanut Butter Cup Marshmallow! They’ll be thirsty
    after all that trick or treating so be sure to have plenty to drink ready like Good2Grow,
    Aquaball, and Sparkling Ice.

  • There’ll be many hours spent in the kitchen with the upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving- people will be looking for a break! Make sure to have some easy
    options available like entrees from Alfredo Aiello & Stouffer’s- maybe even make up
    a calzone with a Calise dough ball! A scoop of Friendly’s Vanilla, a bowl of
    Brigham’s Vanilla or Haagen Dazs right out of the pint- whatever the
    reason for a get together- ice cream goes with everything!
    So get ready for the bonfires, sweaters, and
    cool nights- Dari Farms has all
    of your fall delights!